What is the Gospel?

The gospel literally means, "good news," but before we can know just how good it is, it helps to start with the bad news. Looking at the world today, with its political unrest, wars, pandemics, sickness, and spiraling morality, it's hard to imagine this is what God intended for us. It's not. God placed humanity in a world of unimaginable beauty, teeming with life. God gave the first man and woman one rule in order to maintain this way of life. It was one command, but as you might have guessed, humanity disobeyed God. This one choice not only separated us from the life we could have enjoyed forever, but it also meant that without God's intervention, we are destined to a life separated from God forever in Hell. So what's the good news, what's the gospel?

Is God calling you to trust in Him? Sometimes it's just a feeling that something in your life needs to change. Would you be willing to let us help?

Our Beliefs

We believe and teach the following...

  1. We believe Jesus died, was buried, rose again from the grave, and is coming back.

  1. Jesus came to give us joy and peace for those what would receive forgiveness for their sins.

  1. We believe that the Holy Bible is true and without error or mistakes.

  1. When we gather and grow at Maye River Baptist, we learn that giving and going into the world are vital to the Great Commission.